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Go to Hell. Do not pass birth, do not collect a soul...
Do not spindle, fold or mutilate...
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20th-Dec-2013 08:28 pm(no subject)
Christmas cards are sent, presents are wrapped. Just got to give the presents now, and I'll be completely done. Yay.

Still coughing, but I'll be okay.
19th-Dec-2013 07:51 pm(no subject)
My UK-based Christmas card fics are all typed up, and now I just have to write them out inside the cards. Nearly done. :D
15th-Dec-2013 12:26 am(no subject)
Still not great, but feeling a bit better.

Listened to The Natural History of Fear and The Creed of the Kromon this week. Need to get some more Eighth Doctor audios.

(Ghost2, your Christmas card has been sent off. I hope you like it. British ones will be done next week.)
3rd-Dec-2013 02:29 am(no subject)
Turns out it's not flu that I have at the moment.

It's sinusitis. And it's a bloody nuisance.
One and Steven
I don't quite get this dreamwidth yet. Give me a week and I'll have picked it up. :D

So, Christmas card post!

Give me a prompt and a fandom that you know I know. Or a character. Or a pairing. Or a crossover...anything, and I'll write you a story and send it to you via post.

(If your address has changed in the last year/since you last wanted a card, please give me that too. Or, if you want it by e-mail, I'm happy to send it that way. :D)
28th-Nov-2013 12:40 am - So, I've caved like a sheep...
My dreamwidth account is: canonical_insanity. I'm just starting it up (and importing things from LJ). I will also be crossposting there (when I remember to post).

So, I'm okay. Mostly. Two different members of my family have been in hospital, I have flu and am unemployed (but doing voluntary work, so yay?) but I'm holding up.

I miss you guys (is anyone still on MSN/Skype or am I just incredibly unlucky?).

Christmas card post will be up soon. Probably.
28th-Dec-2012 02:45 am(no subject)
...Rewriting some of my old BR fic. Hoping to get back into it again.

Merry (belated) Christmas/Yule to everyone on my friends list. I would plant a rugby ball into the floor, but that got old several years ago. I will instead wish the lot of you a happy new year.

I don't have any BR2 icons anymore. Need to fix that.

Also, I've been playing 999 (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors) recently. I like it. It's like Saw, but with mystery bits (a.k.a. like Saw before it went over the top on the gore). There's also (spoiler warning for the True and therefore, the Safe ending) [Spoiler (click to open)]timey-wimey shenanigans, which makes me happy...if confused.
22nd-Dec-2012 11:20 pm(no subject)
I did manage to send the Christmas cards on time, but with the flooding and weather...*shrugs*. Sorry, guys. D:
4th-Dec-2012 04:50 pm(no subject)
Nine -Grim up North cartoon
- Have finished versipellis' Christmas card fic. I don't actually have the Christmas cards yet, but I'm going to buy them later this week. If I do the fic first, then I can manage the length and minimise the typo's (I think).

- Finished my Work Programme-mandated course. Didn't get the job. (I'm fine with that. Call centre work does not make for a happy Lucy.)

- The Location gadget seems to think that I'm from Stockport. *amused* Not true at all, I'm afraid.
15th-Jun-2012 08:00 pm(no subject)
So, my laptop broke.

RIP Lucy's old laptop (2007-2012).

I have a new one now though. Doesn't come with Microsoft Office, so I've been using Open Office instead. It's actually pretty good (although I really want to turn off the auto correct).

Um, I have a twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/canonicalinsane which is mainly my trueachievement updates at the moment, I have to admit. And I've been playing Kingdoms of Amalur, which is actually a fairly cool game. 
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